Mindful Movement by the Lake
Bien être

Viens te faire du bien au bord du lac jeudi à .

Mindful Movement by the Lake

Are you looking for a practice that improves your wellbeing, physical health and mental health?
Did you forget how to savor the pleasures in life?
Would you like to increase your capacity to deal with adverse events?
How much of the time are you in slight discomfort and you don’t realise because our attention is elsewhere?

If to any of those questions your answer its: Oh YES! Im super exited to invite you to 'Mindful movement by the lake' a practice that will help you to be connected with the present, within your breath and your flowing movements.
Yes my friend, we will move and sometimes also sweat! :)

Where: Jetée de la compagnie
When: all Wednesdays from 9-10am
What to bring: your matt or towel, a hut for the wonderful days with the sun shinny for us, a bottle of water and your best smile ;)

*Donation based, min 10CHF